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    If this is your first visit, welcome! We hope you will find your stay comfortable and rewarding. If you have not yet created an account on this forum, you may only view just a few of the Home pages using the links at left. In order to view any of the forum threads or posts or participate in our live chatbox, you must first create an account. Just click the "Register" link at the top right of the window and follow the on-screen instructions.

    If you are considering joining our Fleet, please first take a look at the information under the link at the left "Recruiting Center", which will give you some background info and instructions for how to proceed.

    If you are a diplomat from another Fleet, please first take a look at the information under the link at the left "Foreign Relations", which will give you some background info and instructions for how to proceed.

    If you are simply visiting as a guest with no intention of joining our Fleet nor acting as a diplomat from another Fleet, we still welcome you. Feel free to nose about this "Home" area, and use the "Register" link at the top-right of this window to create an account and take a look at a few parts of our forum. Registration only takes a minute, and once that's done, head over to the forum area "Visitors Center".

    About registration on this forum: While COPPA requires us to ask for your year of birth, we do no other checking for validity other than an email confirmation link that you must click to complete registration. You will not be able to proceed until you receive and respond to the email confirmation, so please type your email address carefully! If you are considering joining our Fleet, or are allies with us, or simply want to explore a friendship with the VKF, please include in your user profile your STO in-game character@handle, so we can know you inside of Star Trek Online. Thanks!

    Once you create your account on this forum, you will then be a registered guest, or Tvi-Shal (in Vulcan terms). You will then be able to see more information, namely the forums Visitor's Center, Recruiting Center, and Foreign Relations. However, the majority of the VKF Forum is restricted to Fleet members and Diplomats from Other Fleets. Not trying to be overly secretive, but one of our Fleet goals is to provide valuable game advice for our members - if we gave it away to everyone, what would be the point of having a Fleet?

    A note about spamming and flaming - we simply do not tolerate it. Once you've created an account on this forum, your IP address is recorded. Registered guests may post in the Visitor Center, but their posts are moderated and not visible till approved. If you post spam on our forum, your IP address will be reported, your post(s) deleted, and you will be permanently banned from this forum. Not trying to be nasty to legitimate people here, just the nasty ones who spam forums like ours.

    About our Fleet: The Vulcan Kolinahr Fleet (VKF) is a gamer guild in the online MMORPG "Star Trek Online". Our guild (Fleet in STO terms) is Federation based, although we do have an area for Klingon Defense Force (KDF) to allow our members to experience both sides of STO-Federation and Klingon. We are hoping that Cryptic will expand the playable faction list, to include Romulans, Cardassians, etc. If/as they do, we'll expand our forums to support our members needs.

    Our Fleet membership is made up of players using any of the available races in STO. Although we were started by Vulcans, we embrace all who follow the path of logic and intellect in their gameplay. We are dedicated to enriching the in-game experience for our members through the sharing of information on game mechanics, strategy and tactics, career and mission tips and through in-game group organization and play. We are Vulcans and other races (even Borg!) who value logic and analysis, forethought and quick action, bravery and honor. By 2409, we have learned from the Klingons how to battle honorably and from the Earth humans how to use controlled rage to great effect in battle. We continue to evolve and learn from other races and try to take the best qualities and make them our own.

    As the Federation is nearing war in 2409, we hearken back to the early days of Vulcan, when Vulcans were more warlike, as well as to the bloody battles of Qo'noS in which it is said that the Klingons killed their own Gods, and to the ancient origins of all humanoid species. As we, one and all, emerged from the primordial ooze to eventually journey among the stars, we use our superior intellect and logic, and a healthy dose of logic-controlled emotion to enhance and enrich our gameplay. We use our prodigious powers of logic to tightly control the strongest emotions - rather than suppress them completely, we now use them to gain advantage in battle. We focus our intellect in discovering the best methods in gameplay to maximize our abilities and quickly and decisively win battles with honor and style.

    We are a member-oriented Fleet, who respects Real Life always, and exists wholly for the benefit of our members. Therefore, we truck no drama, and have no hard and fast 'participation' rules - our members are free to enjoy as much of what the VKF has to offer as they wish.

    But we do have principles: All VKF members respect each other, and every other gamer in STO - stranger, friend or foe. We do nothing to reduce the enjoyment of STO for other gamers (other than to decisively defeat enemies in PvP battle). We do not camp, kill-steal, grief, engineer aggro, or take any other actions to hurt other gamers in gameplay. This applies to both fellow Fleetmates, and to any other gamer in STO.

    We always help out in teams, either our own or pickup groups. We share the spoils of war equitably - both in PUGS and in our own teams. We share equipment and other resources within the Fleet Bank so all our members always have good shields, deflectors, consoles, armor, and weapons. We pool our unneeded energy credits for future needs of the Fleet or any member. The VKF's Fleet uniforms (both a Dress uniform and a Combat Uniform) allow our members to show everyone in STO who they are - our allies and friends welcome us always. We have a Fleet emblem to display on our ships, and we often choose a distinctive 'tattoo' color pattern for our ships, so all may know the VKF when we arrive in-system (our colors are green and gold). And we have a Teamspeak3 server for voicechat, as well as the in-game Fleet channel for textchat.

    We are one Fleet of many within STO, and we actively seek alliances with other Fleets to help expand coordinated gameplay for everyone while we all battle gloriously against our enemies and emerge victorious and battle-hardened. We often share our wisdom with our friends in allied Fleets, for the benefit of all - enriched gameplay is our watchphrase.

    Please also see our recruitment thread on the STO Forum at http://forums.startrekonline.com/showthread.php?t=90067 and you can certainly /tell any of our members in-game - we like to chat! See a listing below of selected VKF members' in-game character@handle. Our membership is worldwide including USA (with Alaska), Canada, Iceland, UK, Belgium, Spain, Germany, Australia...did I forget anyone? There is almost always a VKF Fleet-mate (or several) in-game and ready to team, we are all on unique game-playing schedules that often overlap - even across multiple timezones!

    To our allies and friends, we say Live Long and Prosper. To our enemies and the enemies of our allies, we will beat you decisively in glorious battle, without compromising honor or logic. We strive to hear us referred to as "Qapla'batlh je" (success and honor in Klingon).

    Here are just a few of the in-game members you can look for to either gain an invitation to join the VKF in-game, or simply to chat:
    • Our Pid-trensu, or High Executive Officer is 1st of Many@Phoenix_Lord
    • Our Speaker for the Vulcan High Command is T'Kota@VKFTKota
    • Our F-rel-barr, or Grand Admiral is Keysailor@Keysailor
    • Our Ton-barr, or Fleet Admiral is
    • Our Nik'el-lan or Fleet Executive Officer is 1 of 3@Jimmy27
    • Our STF/PvE Commander is