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  • Recruiting Center

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    Greetings Visitors, and welcome to the Recruiting Center! This area is specifically setup to help you in two tasks. First, we want you to determine if the VKF is the right Fleet for you. Assuming you've read the Home page article, you have a good idea ...
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    Here is a bit about the VKF, why we exist, what our purpose is, and the ideals we hold dear. This is here to help you decide if the VKF is the right Fleet for you. We believe that the choice of a Fleet is very important, and shouldn't be taken ...
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    We are a military organization, and have decided for ourselves that a matrix-management method works best for us. While no member of the VKF is required to serve in any position of responsibility or leadership, we certainly encourage our members to help out in any way.

    Our first matrix is the hierarchical leadership, aka the chain-of-command. ...
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    The Vulcan Kolinahr Fleet is always looking for ways to help our members enjoy STO. In addition to the accolade system within the game, we have our own accolade system here. Some of the ribbons are given when members complete specific STO ...
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    The year is 2409. You will be entering a hostile time in Federation history. The Course is set. War is the answer for our time! This is taken from "Episode Missions Explained" and I do quote:

    "As the story develops, the stakes increase. While Episodes later in