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  • Foreign Relations

    Diplomats from other STO Fleets, Welcome! We hope you will find your visit restful and rejuvenating. If you have not done so already, please use the "Register" link at the top-right of the window to create a user account for yourself. We recommend that you use the same username that you use either in your own Fleet or within STO, and we ask that you create an account with a prefix, so that we can easily tell from which Fleet you hail. A list of our alliance Fleet prefixes is below.

    Once registered, please visit our Forum area, specifically the Foreign Relations sub-forum where we have threads for you to communicate with our Kevet-dutar, or Fleet Ambassador. Your first task should be to request diplomatic status, which you do by posting in the sticky thread "Diplomats from Other Fleets - Request Diplomatic Status Here". If you hail from a Fleet with which we've not yet established a relationship, our Kevet-dutar will setup an Embassy sub-forum for your use, otherwise he/she will grant you access to your Embassy sub-forum.

    Please note that Embassy sub-forums have restricted access - only to members of your own fleet's diplomatic corps, and to our own diplomats and leaders. No one else can read threads in your Embassy. We consider your Embassy to be sovereign territory of your Fleet, and will endeavor to keep it yours, private, and secure.

    From your Embassy, you can negotiate treaties and alliances, discuss matters of mutual interest, or whatever you wish. You can visit as often as you'd like, the Embassy will always be open for diplomats and members of your Fleets' diplomatic corps (and we do check with your Fleet to get your bona-fides).

    The VKF is also one of the founding members of the United Council of Fleets (www.trek-online.com) and we work with other Fleets and Cyptic to improve STO for all. We conduct polls and surveys of our membership to provide feedback to Cryptic on the types of game enhancements that we want to see - especially Fleet-related enhancements.

    Please know that the VKF answers all Federation hails, will answer all Distress Calls, and will support our allies in glorious battle, whether PvE or PvP. We will also enthusiastically battle our enemies with honor and respect in PvP, and strive to hear us referred to as "Qapla'batlh je" (success and honor in Klingon). To our Allies and Friends, we say Live Long and Prosper! To our enemies and the enemies of our allies and friends, we will Live Long and Subdue!

    Here are the prefixes for our current allied Fleets. When you register your account on this forum, please use the appropriate prefix (if on the list below), or create your own prefix (if not on the list below):
    1. [12F]username for the 12th Fleet
    2. [1CAV]username for the 1st Cavalry Division
    3. [3F]username for the 3rd Fleet
    4. [34F]username for the 34th Fleet
    5. [44th]username for the 44th Fleet
    6. [AF]username for the Aurora Fleet
    7. [BG]username for the British Guards
    8. [CF]username for the Canadian Federation Fleet
    9. [CH]username for the Clan Hunters Fleet
    10. [FF]username for the Federation Fleet
    11. [GI]username for the Grande Imperial Fleet
    12. [GoF]username for the Guardians of Forever
    13. (IRF)username for the Imperial Romulan Fleet
    14. [KT]username for the Knights Templar
    15. [TLO]username for The Last Outpost
    16. [OF]username for the Omega Fleet
    17. [PN]username for Project Navras
    18. [TPL]username for The Protectorate League
    19. [RPHX]username for Risen Phoenix
    20. {S31}username for Section 31 Fleet
    21. [TS]username for The Shadows
    22. [SF]username for StarFleet
    23. (SWF)username for Stonewall Fleet
    24. [SY]username for Synergy Fleet
    25. [TOS]username for The TOS Veterans Fleet
    26. [UFP]username for the United Federation of Planets
    27. {UFP}username for the United Federation of Planets
    28. [USF]username for the United Strike Force
    29. [VE]username for the Vulcan Empire

    Our own Fleet uses the prefix [VKF] - for example, our High Executive Officer is [VKF]Phoenix_Lord and our Grand Admiral is [VKF]Keysailor.

    We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship between our Fleet and yours, and between ourselves and you. Live Long and Prosper!