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  • VKF Accolades

    The Vulcan Kolinahr Fleet is always looking for ways to help our members enjoy STO. In addition to the accolade system within the game, we have our own accolade system here. Some of the ribbons are given when members complete specific STO missions or STFs, and some are given for their actions, either in-game or out, that we want to recognize.

    The medals and ribbons shown below are given out to our members as they earn them, and are displayed underneath their avatar on this forum. Any large medals they've earned are also hung onto their sigpics. We have medals for both Federation and Klingon Defense Force activity.

    These are the large medals for service to the Fleet and in-game activity:
    These are ribbons for Service to the Fleet and in-game activity:

    Members of the VKF may vie for earning medals and ribbons to be displayed below their avatar on posts in this forum. When creating an account on this forum, new recruits can edit their user profile and select the medals they believe they should have. Once accepted into the Fleet, VKF leadership will review their claims and award ribbons and/or medals as they see fit, and such will show on the member's avatar (and sigpic in the case of large medals).

    Members who wish to nominate another member for a medal or ribbon should simply advise anyone in the VKF leadership. Accolades are generally on the honor system, we don't attempt to verify your claims for in-game activity - since all VKF members are honorable, there's no need.

    If a ribbon is awarded, it will appear under the member's avatar, in the order of precedence above. Also, the member's immediate superior may provide any notification or announcement (there is a thread for that in our Main Hall at http://www.vulcankolinahrfleet.com/showthread.php?64-Accolades-to-our-Fleet-Members). Medal awards for any of the top 3 awards are also announced by the Vulcan High Command, resulting in a fancier sigpic (with medals hanging from it!).

    Medals (except for Klek and Chancellor's Medal of Honor) and ribbons may be awarded multiple times. For multiple awards, the ribbon above will have one of these items added:
    • 2nd Award- Bronze Border
    • 3rd Award- Bronze border w bronze cluster
    • 4th Award- Bronze border w bronze "V" (Valor)
    • 5th Award- Silver Border
    • 6th Award- Silver Border w Silver cluster
    • 7th Award- Silver Border w silver "V"
    • 8th Award- Gold Border
    • 9th Award- Gold Border w gold cluster
    • 10th Award-Gold Border w Gold "V"

    If a ribbon from the list above does not already have a V in it (either as part of the ribbon or if it was a 4th, 7th, or 10th award) the Vulcan High Command may elect to add a gold V to any ribbon if exceptional valor was demonstrated in the course of earning the ribbon.

    Exceptions to the multiple ribbon rule: For the two lowest awards, the Pudor-tor, and the Kadvin, they are only awarded once to a member, befitting their purpose.